Founding Designer

Role: Founding Designer

We’re looking for an designer who will play a core role in shaping our product. You will be directly responsible for dreaming and designing new, user-facing software. You will work closely with the engineering team in a highly collaborative environment to create software with a strong point of view. You’ll drive ideas from brainstorming -> definition -> design -> implementation -> iteration.

Every day you will…

build unprecedented software. You’ll use your experience and your enthusiasm to turn big ideas into concrete plans. Sometimes this means you’ll have to start running before you can see the finish line. But your ability to learn matters more than your existing knowledge.

design holistically. Depending on the project, you will use your interaction, visual, and product thinking experience to create seamless and magical user experiences. You’ll strategically leverage tools like user-research, wireframes, mockups, and prototypes to help the team make decisions.

design pragmatically. You intuitively grasp the right level of fidelity needed to explore a problem, and what problems can be solved later. You use exceptional visual design craft to quickly and efficiently convey the nuances of an experience.

think big and small. You know that the user will assume every choice is intentional, so you focus on getting the details right. You’ll solve problems by bringing big, divergent ideas - then use discussion and iteration to converge on the right path.

articulate design rationale and systems. You can explain the ‘why’ behind your choices. You use design to facilitate meaningful conversation and to highlight questions still unanswered. You make scalable choices and define patterns that fit within a larger design system.


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