Founding ML Engineer

Role: Founding ML Engineer

We’re looking for an ML engineer who will play a core role in shaping our product. You will be directly responsible for designing our machine learning pipelines and neural network architecture. You’ll make make important tradeoffs between ambition and feasibility. And you’ll run a tight loop between pre-training -> fine-tuning -> evaluation -> deployment.

Every day you will…

build unprecedented software. You’ll use your experience and your enthusiasm to turn big ideas into concrete plans. Sometimes this means you’ll have to start running before you can see the finish line. But your ability to learn matters more than your existing knowledge.

take radical ownership for your projects. You will be directly responsible for the success of your systems and features. You’ll do what it takes to get a project done. You’re always looking to incorporate feedback and improve quality. We trust you with big responsibilities.

influence architecture decisions. You’ll use your knowledge of the latest model architectures to design systems for data collection, training, and inference. You’ll optimize model performance to strike a strategic balance between latency and helpfulness. You intuitively find ways to prioritize both user privacy and robust data collection.

think big and small. You understand that your infrastructure choices have important impact on the end-user experience. With an eye on performance, you’ll create large, robust models for cloud inference or precise, on-device models where every megabyte matters.


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